Viral Autobots Review by Dope-review – Find, Schedule And MONETIZE The Most Viral Contents From Social Medias Into Your Fan Pages

Product Name : Viral Autobots
Vendor : Luke Maguire
Launch Date : 12/09/2015
Price : 49$
Sales Page : Click Here
Refund : 30 Days Guarantee


Viral Autobots is the first and only cloud based web software to find, schedule & MONETISE the most viral content on FaceBook, Youtube and Twitter into your fan pages, shooting your organic reach through the roof & filling up your clients bank accounts. Basically you are able to cut your spend on ads, watch your organic reach go UP, monetise these updates & have this all scheduled for the next month in just a few seconds.

Imagine being able to:

  • Have your business go VIRAL instantly & start to make 4-5 figures a WEEK with FREE viral traffic.
  • Have your Facebook fan page be seen by millions of people every week ORGANICALLY for FREE.
  • Never need to pay for a Facebook Advert (or any paid advertising for that matter) again
  • Be able to do this over and over again within under 10 minutes?

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Sounds like BS or too good to be true right?

That’s what I also thought, until I was lucky enough to give this web based software my good friend Luke Maguire created a go on my own fan page that proved me wrong.

This tool is called Viral Autobots and is going to be THE tool you will want to have in your toolbox if you want to make serious money on Facebook without having to spend a single dollar.

Think right now how many viral posts, images & videos you see in your news feed every single day.

With Viral Autobots you can :

  • Found the most viral content that’s gone viral in the past on Facebook, YouTube & twitter INSTANTLY
  • Allowed you to edit the descriptions of these viral posts to put your own websites & text in (or leave it how it had gone viral previously if you wished)
  • Instantly let you post & Schedule these updates to your Fan pages in seconds.
  • Took all the guess work out of what to post, just literally hit a few buttons, watched that content go viral making your organic reach go viral within a few days.

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It’s the worlds first & only facebook & Instagram software that automates your interactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for FREE. We all know how powerful Facebook & Instagram is, right? Imagine being able to view the most viral content in your niche that has gone viral in the past & that is also currently trending, then at the click of a button be able to post this directly to your fan pages, while scheduling your next MONTHS worth of content & sending your very own page viral instantly, for free in UNDER 60 seconds… Well, that’s EXACTLY the kind of results Viral Autobots is going to give you.


  • Automate your fan pages for life. Have your pages posting the most viral content from around the world daily in any niche on complete autopilot.
  • 100% set & forget. It’s as simple as searching your niche, selecting the viral videos & images and scheduling them in our in built scheduler with 1 click!
  • Drive huge organic traffic & make big sales for free
  • Viral Autobots allow you to post viral content with an affiliate link. Monetization is key, so Viral Autobots have built multiple ways to monetize your content while having a huge reach. They’ve found a way to 100% safely add in affiliate links to ads, page updates, group posts & instagram. Add this with a viral piece of content and the sales come in!
  • Never need to worry about paying for ads again. Why pay foicads to increase your reach 1/n, Viral Autobots literally can increase your organic reach to the millions.
  • Monetize others viral videos with the click of a button. While having a huge viral reach is great, it’s so important to have the option to monetize, so Viral Autobots have added in features to add call to actions to the end of the viral videos & allows you to 100% safely post affiliate links inside your posts.


Viral Autobots lets your brand be seen by millions of people organiically all over the world by finding and uploading and scheduling the most viral content in any niche all over the world, while monetizing your page in the process.

Never have to be concerned about having to find content again or having to pay money for ads. Viral Autobots will immediately provide you not only the exact text & image/videos that have gone viral previously, it’ll also let you post what is going viral right now all over the world (even location specific). Finally a tool provides you the ability to monetize this content by inserting call to actions to the videos themselves & the ability to finally insert aff links to your posts 100% safely and start making money instantly.

  • Make with 5-6 figures a single fan page instantly, Viral Autobots enables your fb fan pages to print by having the right content be seen by millions of people in your target market & drive them to any target site of your choice. (beats paying for fb ads right?)
  • Create 6-7 figure fan pages right away primes, Viral Autobots makes your fan pages authority pages in your niche by constantly showing your target market the content they want to see & engage with.
  • Find the right content in miliseconds for any niche. Simply enter your keyword and Viral Autobots will find the worlds top pages instantly. Viral Autobots will then break down every post these pages have ever made in seconds. Search the keyword & discover’ your chosen page. Instantly view that pages top posts
  • Post & schedule updates direct from Viral Autobots. Once you have found the most viral posts, you can instantly post or schedule your updates to be posted at prime times (yes, you can have your fan page posting while you are sleeping). Select the content you want to upload & hit ‘post”. Select your page, edit your message, schedule or post direct & Viral Autobots will upload the content to your fan page.


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Viral Autobots (Bumblebee Edition)