Three For One Hosting | 3 Years For The Price Of One – Save Big On Your Hosting Bill WITHOUT Settling For Poor Performance And Poor Support!

Product Name	: Three For One Hosting
Vendor		: Richard Madison
Launch Date	: 12/05/2018
Price		: vary from $37.00 up to $59.40
Sales Page	: Click Here
Refund		: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Lifetime Host’s most important aim is to eliminate monthly or yearly recurring web-hosting fees; thus eliminating the need for internet companies to shell out reoccurring monthly charges; finally focusing on business revenue rather than recurring hosting payments. Furthermore, Lifetime Host is pleased to lead the industry in establishing new standards in regards to setting new standards for small business enterprise success.

Although a lot of skeptics may believe that this sort of gimmick means the amount of services are compromised when it comes to securing web hosting solutions, but this isn’t true with the Three For One Hosting plan. Clients enjoy a domain name, unlimited bandwidth, 10,000 MB (10 GB) Disk space, Pop email accounts, on-line business course email accounts, auto responders, free domain transfer, sub domain, FrontPage Support, cPanel control panel, Outlook support, free domain name transfer (however, no dedicated IP address), sub domain, online file manager, in addition to support for ASP, Perl, PHP, SSI, FTP, SSL, Web Stats, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX, and Dream Weaver support. Other valuable add-ons include advanced polls, blogger, photo gallery, counter tops, and web chat.

What is Three For One Hosting?

Three For One Hosting is the platform provide evergreen web hosting with many lifetime features. It is different from another hosting. Three For One Hosting 2018 simply means the customer will pay one time for their hosting. It will continue to host your sites as long as they like.

About the Creator – Richard Madison

Richard Madison is the Chief Executive Officer and Owner at He has no longer been a strange name in the hosting industry. With his experiences in web hosting development, Richard first started to create hosting platform since 2005. His Lifetime.Chat, Lifetime.Hosting, Lifetime Stock Video, Lifetime Studio FX series has been widely favored from its very first launch.

His company provides a fast, secure and reliable service and your satisfaction is their number one priority. If you’re not satisfied, they’ll provide you with a hassle free refund.

Three For One Hosting Review – Feature Details

Mobile / Reactive Builder: You build your website once and it’s optimized for desktop, laptop, tablets, phablets and phones. It is built once and display anywhere.

Double free domains: You will have two-lifetime domain registrations with solitude on every base package. A $79.90 value over its regular price and save hundreds over recurring domain name registrations and privacy.

Drive traffic to your website. $50 Bing, $50 Amazon Sponsored Product, $20 Bidvertiser, $100 Perfect Audience Retargeting, $100 Youtube, $75 Google Adwords.

You’ll have 5GB of free lifetime FTP storage for WordPress backups, cPanel, backups, desktop backups or whatever you like.

Responsive drag and drop Website builder to ensure 100% mobile compatible Websites.

Faster loading sites (better hardware, software & support).

Unlimited email accounts.

Free Website Builder.

The one-click installer for WordPress, etc…

How Does It Work?

The process of working is simple and easy for you to follow. Even while you’ve got no pro technical skills or experience, you can get the job done well.

Hosting on the Site. Three For One Hosting 2018 will be an ideal choice for anyone who needs a product to sponsor their webpage. You will need it if you want to have an unlimited host store. In any case, freelancers can use it. So long as you need to host their information, you need this tool to control your webpage. It gives you better traffic and has recorded higher in Google Maps to find leads from the keywords no matter the niche.

Who Should Use It?

  • Local marketers
  • Search Engine Optimization SEO
  • Video marketers
  • Email marketers
  • Web designers
  • Manager in reputation

Products In Funnel

Three For One Hosting Unlimited Package ($59.40) SEE DETAILS

Three For One Hosting Unlimited Plan PowerSSD Upgrade + 4th 5th 6th Year ($67.00)   SEE DETAILS

Three For One Hosting Addon Pro Package ($47.00)   SEE DETAILS

Three For One Hosting Unlimited Plan PowerSSD Upgrade  ($27.00)  SEE DETAILS

Three For One Hosting Partner Value Bundle ($67.00)   SEE DETAILS

Three For One Hosting Unlimited Plan PowerSSD Upgrade + 4th Year  ($47.00)  SEE DETAILS

Three For One Hosting Reseller 500 Package 3Pay -recurring-  ($127.00)   SEE DETAILS

Three For One Hosting Reseller 500 Package  ($297.00)  SEE DETAILS

Three For One Hosting Solo Package  ($41.88)  SEE DETAILS

Three For One Hosting Solo Plan PowerSSD Upgrade  ($27.00)  SEE DETAILS

Three For One Hosting Solo Plan PowerSSD Upgrade + 4th 5th 6th Year ($67.00)   SEE DETAILS

Three For One Hosting Reseller 50 Package ($197.00)   SEE DETAILS

Three For One Hosting Solo Plan PowerSSD Upgrade + 4th Year ($47.00)   SEE DETAILS

Three For One Hosting Addon Starter Package ($37.00)   SEE DETAILS


While it’s very probable that Three For One Hosting plans will be an emerging trend of the future with the many benefits they provide. The brainchild of Lifetime Host, Doktor Gurson, based @Com Technology as the 31st ICANN Accredited Registrars over a decade ago with now over 50,000 registered domain names thus far. Gurson realizes that paying a one-time life fee for web hosting isn’t only a cost-effective way of launching and supporting an internet presence, but also ensuring accounts are not terminated because of expired charge cards or disregarded auto renewal notifications. Perhaps Doktor is definitely leading the way into supplying secure and reliable web hosting services in a phenomenal price.

Three For One Hosting 2018 is necessary for online business people. It helps you protect your information. It requires you to pay once for lifetime support.

With Lifetime. Hosting 2018 you’ll no longer waste time and money with storage . All that above is all I’ve experienced with Three To One Hosting. You should attempt to see the great results it brings. I’m sure it won’t disappoint you. I’ve succeeded and I hope you too.

Moreover, remember that you can select one from many valuable bonuses if you get this product. There’s the 30-day money back guarantee to ensure your investment is secure.

Thank you for reading. Good luck!