Tee Inspector Review by Nick Daws – Powerful Teespring Research Software

Product Name : Tee Inspector
Vendor : Dave Guindon
Launch Date : 06/10/2014
Price : $67.00
Sales Page : Click Here

Tee Inspector by Dave Guindon is a product aimed at people who want to make money designing and selling tee-shirts online, using services such as TeeSpring and Skreened. Buyers get two software tools for researching tee-shirt ideas, and a comprehensive video training course.

What’s It All About?

Tee Inspector is a research tool aimed at people who want to make money designing and selling tee-shirts online, using services such as TeeSpring and Skreened.

These and similar websites let you upload your own designs for sale on the site. For every shirt that sells, you receive a commission. Some people have enjoyed great success designing shirts for niche markets and promoting them via Facebook and other social networks.

Buyers of Tee Inspector get two tools for researching tee-shirt ideas (one online and one downloadable), plus a comprehensive video training course on all aspects of making money from tee-shirt marketing.

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

No special experience is required to apply the research data from Tee Inspector. Some knowledge of PhotoShop or similar software would be helpful for designing tee- shirts, though.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

The only essential outlay is the product itself.

Dave recommends using Facebook advertising to target potential buyers, however, so there will obviously be a cost here. You could get started with an advertising budget of £50 to £100. All being well, your profits from sales will more than cover this, of course.

How Much Money Can I Make?

That depends on various things, including how successful you are at targeting buyers in your niche, how popular your design proves, and how much money you make per sale (typically this will be around $3 per shirt, but it can vary). It’s impossible to give exact profit figures, therefore.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Once you have researched the market and created your design, you will need to upload it to your chosen tee-shirt site and start promoting it. None of this should be especially time consuming, but you will need to allow at least a month (and probably two) for earnings to start filtering through.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

Just a computer with an internet connection.

Value For Money?

Yes, if you are serious about making money designing and selling tee-shirts online and willing to put some work in to achieve this.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion?

Yes. The sales page provides detailed information about what the product contains and what it does. There is a measure of advertiser’s hype, but that’s to be expected in an internet marketing product. Based on my evaluation, I would say that the claims made on the sales page are fulfilled by the product itself.

Quality of Customer Service:

This is good. In my experience Dave always replies promptly and helpfully to any queries.


Tee Inspector is sold via JVZoo, which means you can pay using a credit card, debit card or PayPal. Although I like JVZoo, I do have to provide my usual caveat, which is that (unlike ClickBank) they don’t offer a money-back guarantee themselves, so you have to rely on the vendor for this. Based on past experience I doubt if that would be a problem with this vendor, but it’s still something to bear in mind.

There are two attempted upsells with Tee Inspector. The first is for a collection of over sixty tee-shirt designs personally created by Dave Guindon for his own Teespring campaigns. The second is for a WordPress plugin to create showcase websites for your shirts. Unfortunately I can’t tell you any more about these, as Dave kindly provided me with reviewer access for the main Tee Inspector product, but not the upsells.

Once your order has been processed, you will be able to log in to the members area. As with many internet marketing products nowadays, this is hosted on a password- protected WordPress site. This has the advantage that content can be easily updated, but of course you need to make a careful note of your log-in details and ensure you don’t lose them!

The main product buyers receive is the Tee Inspector software. You can download this from the members area and install it on your own computer. You then activate it by entering the email address you used when ordering. As with Dave’s other products such as KD Suite and AmaSuite 3, I found that the process of installation and activation all ran very smoothly.

The software itself has a similar look to Dave’s other products mentioned above, so if you’ve bought any of these you will have some idea what to expect. It lets you search TeeSpring campaigns in various ways. For example, you can enter a keyword and it will show you a list of all shirts using that keyword, either in the slogan or description.

As well as providing links to the shirt sales pages, the software reveals a huge amount of other data about them. Among other things, you can see when a campaign started and whether it has ended, how many shirts sold in total, how many “likes” each received on the social network Wanelo (used specifically for product recommendations), cost, style, colour, and so on. You can also rearrange the data by any of these criteria by clicking on the relevant column header. If you want to see the top-selling shirts for your specified keyword, for example, it’s easy to do so.

If you get stuck there are online help videos, which you can access via the software’s Welcome tab. You can either play these online or download them. They are in the usual screen-capture format, with Dave himself providing the commentary. He is an American, but speaks clearly and fairly slowly, and is easy to understand. I thought the help videos were of a good standard and quite thorough. It would have been nice to get a written user manual as well, but that seems to be the exception rather than the rule these days.

As well as Tee Inspector, you also get access to an online tool called Tee Profit Spy. This automatically gathers the latest Teespring campaigns from Google and Twitter and extracts daily sales figures for them. If you want to see what is selling well on TeeSpring right now, it’s a useful resource.

Finally, you get a seven-module video training course titled Dave Guindon’s Tee Marketing System. This is an in-depth guide to researching and designing tee-shirts for TeeSpring and marketing them on Facebook (Dave’s preferred method). The modules are listed below, along with the number of videos in each one.

1. Research (11 videos)
2. Tee Designs (10 videos)
3. TeeSpring Campaigns (4 videos)
4. Facebook Ads (6 videos)
5. Bulk Tee Case Study (11 videos)
6. Case Studies (8 videos)
7. Tips and Tricks (6 videos)

As you may gather, this is a thorough course that takes you through every aspect of using the software to research what is selling, and then going on to create your own designs and publish them on TeeSpring. It is packed with hints and tips from Dave’s own experiences as a tee-shirt marketer. He claims to have made over $231,966 on TeeSpring, and based on what I’ve seen I’m quite prepared to believe that.

One slight reservation is that the course assumes you will be using PhotoShop. If that’s the case, you will get some amazingly detailed tips and advice as you watch Dave designing shirts in real time. But, of course, not everyone uses PhotoShop (it’s quite expensive to buy and has a bit of learning curve), and if you don’t you may find some of the videos a bit daunting. They don’t require an expert knowledge of PhotoShop to follow, but they do assume a basic familiarity with the software

Overall, though, I thought that Tee Inspector (along with Tee Profit Spy) was an excellent product, which more than lives up to the high standard of Dave Guindon’s previous products. If you are serious about making money from tee-shirt marketing, it will provide top-of-the-range research data for you.

The video course is also comprehensive, and takes you through the entire process of making money in this field. Just be aware that it focuses on one particular approach to making money from tee-shirt marketing (which has worked very well for Dave Guindon). There are other sites beside TeeSpring that allow you to make money from tee-shirt sales such as Skreened.com, but these aren’t discussed in the course. You could, however, certainly use the research data from Tee Inspector to create designs for Skreened and similar websites as well.

Likewise, the course focuses on using PhotoShop to create your designs, but there are other options too. There are, for example, free and low-cost alternatives to PhotoShop, such as The GIMP. To be fair, these alternative options are mentioned in the videos, although they are not covered in any depth.

In addition, all tee-shirt sites have their own built-in design tools, or you could hire a designer for five dollars on Fiverr. But it is, nonetheless, true that if you are able to use PhotoShop, you will have the maximum possible control over how your design comes out, and should be able to produce something totally original.

To sum up, then, Tee Inspector is an excellent product that more than lives up to the claims made for it. If you’re willing to put in a bit of work to succeed in this field, it will give you all the tools and training you are likely to require.

Tee Inspector