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Ever Thought Life Online Would Be So Much Easier If Only You Had Others You Could Turn To For Help And Guidance?

Here’s YOUR Chance To Join My FREEDOM‘ Mastermind Group


It will only take a matter of minutes to get access to my secret mastermind group and once you are in you have full unrestricted access to all the information and the advice and experience of all the other members, including myself

Whether you have been struggling for years or are just dipping your toe in the shark-infested IM waters, you will have everything you need to get you past those things that are stopping you from being as successful as you deserve.

You are going to be a member of my already successful private Facebook Group community.

A community that just loves to see each other succeeding.

A community that is always willing to chip in with ideas, thoughts and suggestions.

Just think of it as having a rocket pack fitted to your car, so that you when others are still at the starting gate, you are already miles down the road of success.

You will know if you have read any of my emails or my blog that I do like the simple things in life, my family, going out for a run, managing boys football teams, having the odd beer with friends or just tinkering about in my garden.

And I Want You To Be Able To Enjoy The Lifestyle That YOU Want

I want to give you the FREEDOM to choose what you do and when you do it.

Despite What People Might Say, Earning Enough From An Online Business Is NOT As Difficult As You May Think

Believe me; even just earning a relatively small amount online can be literally life changing in terms of the choices that suddenly open up to you.

…And once you are earning enough to wave goodbye to a full-time job, the fun REALLY starts.

How do I know this?

Because that’s exactly what I was able to achieve.

I still remember those Sunday afternoons where I couldn’t concentrate on enjoying the free time with my family because I knew I was back at work on Monday.

Fortunately those memories have become more and more faded with time

Let me ask you to take a moment to consider how many things have you missed out on because of being at work.

  • Did you/will you get to see first days at school?
  • Did you/will you have to miss out on sports days because they are held in the middle of the day?
  • Have you missed out on the chance to take your spouse for a pub lunch in the middle of the week?
  • Have you missed out on just putting your feet up with a cuppa just watching the world go by?


Now have a think what would be the figure that could create FREEDOM for you.  

That might be replacing your salary completely, although very often you might find that once you take away the expenses of having to be at work, commuting, child care etc…  

the amount you need for your freedom is a lot less than you thought.  

This is the figure you are ultimately aiming for.  

This is the figure that can create that TOTAL freedom in your life.  

Freedom for you, could mean you work from a laptop on a beach (like you see on a lot of those naff sales pages).   If that floats your boat, then go for it.  

…Or it might be having the time to able to get down the library to research your family tree.  

And that’s the point, YOU get to choose!  

Once you join my private mastermind group, I (along with the rest of the group) will be helping you to reach your idea of freedom.  

HOWEVER, because I want to be able to give members my individual attention I will be limiting the numbers of the group.  

We already have a small but active group that are getting heaps out of their membership and there is no way I want to adversely affect the community we have already built up.


The reason I know that I am going to have to watch membership numbers is that I won’t be charging anything like the $997 you often see for coaching.

For me this is about quality over quantity.

I honestly want members of the group to quickly get to the stage where they are enjoying the FREEDOM I am enjoying; the freedom to enjoy their spouse, their kids, and their life. 

I have thought long and hard about the fee for being part of this exclusive group.  In the end I settled on a figure that would cover my costs, but would still allow just about anybody to benefit.

As deals go I think it’s a humdinger!


 This Is A Bit Of An Exclusive Club Though

Without wanting to put too fine a point on it, I only want a certain kind of person in this group.

That type is positive, willing to learn, willing to give and, above all, enthusiastic.

If you are that sort of person I’d love to have you in the gang.

This group WILL have a profound effect on the fortunes of many of its members.

The group will be awash with the sort of advice and information that most marketers can only dream of without paying thousands for personal coaching.


Remember it is not just me you will be learning from; this is a complete peer group of likeminded individuals who are all on the same path to freedom…with some being further along the path than others.

As Good As These Bonuses Are, It Is The Group That Provides The REAL Value.

I’ll be LETTING YOU IN on the specific things that have been, and ARE working for me…

…alongside the stuff that bombed for me so that you can learn by MY trial and error.

You can take as active a role in the group as you wish.  If you constantly want to ask questions and comment on topics, then fill your boots.

By the same token if you just wish to take a back seat for a while and ‘eavesdrop’ on the conversations that others are having, then be my guest.

I have to say though I’m pretty sure that once you have been around the group for any length of time you’ll be itching to get actively involved.

FREEDOM Can Be As Simple As Having Your Own Simple Sales Funnel


Even if you are currently thinking ‘But Andy, I have tried so many things in the past and I’m still broke’, I believe access to my private Mastermind group can change all of that.

We will be sharing and discussing methods and strategies that have worked for others which WILL work for you.

It is amazing how much motivation you can get once you experience your first bit of success.

It is like pushing a car that won’t start. 

At first it is bloody difficult; you really have to put some effort in to get any sort of movement.  However once you start moving, it quickly picks up speed.  Eventually the car starts moving under its own steam and you can get in to enjoy the ride.

I want to be there to make sure you get the momentum of your business to a stage where you can jump in and enjoy the FREEDOM it brings to your life.

I’ll show you the simple things you can do to put in strong foundations to a business that will last.

Foundations that will guarantee your success.


Within The Next Few Minutes You Can Start Creating The Momentum To Get You The FREEDOM You Deserve

So there you have it. I really want to work with you to make sure you help yourself to success online.

It really is up to you now.

If you want to work with myself and other like-minded positive enthusiastic individuals to bring FREEDOM into your life…

…then use the button below and get immediate access