Hydravid Syndicate – Advanced Video Marketing For Maximum Exposure

Product Name : Hydravid Syndicate
Vendor : Walt Bayliss
Launch Date : 01/02/2015
Price : $19.95 Monthly, $147.00 Yearly
Sales Page : Click Here

What is Hydravid 2.0 Video Marketing Software?

Video marketing is one area that is always a great seller.

People KNOW the sheer power of video and are always wanting to be better   and get more from this seemingly endless traffic supply.


The amazing products like Video Sketch Pro, Explaindio and Video Maker FX has people turning out videos FAST…

And as much as they want traffic… They are leaving HUGE opportunities on the table.

At most People optimise a few videos and put them up on Youtube.


It’s too hard, too time consuming for too little returns. now While uploading a video or two to youtube is better than nothing It leaves a WHOLE lot of ground to still be covered.

Hydravid   takes the next step

Not just one video to youtube but many. not just to one account. but an unlimited number Allowing users to upload NOT just to youtube. But also Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, Break.com and Hitmission instantly Creating social backlinks, and traffic flow — and dominating search engines.

Hydravid Video Marketing Software-benefits?

This is some of the functions… And the OTO is the Hydravid SYNDICATE — Which offers an UNPRECENDENTED Social Syndication System.

  • Unlimited Accounts On All Sites — and choose to upload to one or tons
  • Proxy Support — All accounts are safe with the ability to assign specific proxy ID’s to any and all accounts
  • Create Unique Versions of Each Video — Using our unique system, the software can add a custom slide at the end of the video and adjust the time of the slide (and recompile the video) so that each video lenght is unique.
  • Provide a full report of the URL’s of all the videos uploaded –Great for adding additional bookmarks and client reports
  • Allow Spintax in the descriptions and titles — The customer can add in their own spintax — and the software will create a unique post for every submission. Allowing the targetting of multiple keywords and phrases from one video. (more on this in the PRO version)
  • Hydravid Syndicate — is an unequaled syndication system (with a recurring income for YOU) Unlimited Social Sites. PLUS — A Guaranteed 100 sites per month posting!!
  • OTO2 A massive CASHING end to the funnel
  • A complete DONE FOR YOU Video Marketing system — Including SOFTWARE — this will be a NO BRAINER with over $1000 in value to the buyer — and giving them an INSTANT plug and play Video Marketing business — with the software to help them FIND and close leads as well.

Hydravid Video Marketing Software-It could help you

We all know that YouTube videos and channels rank incredibly well.

They are also a great source of backlinks and can make your site show up several times on the front page….

And let’s face it — that is what the whole game is about… Right?

SEO is a changing game. And you need to change with it.

This powerful new software has built in ‘multiplication’ that just made the whole approach to SEO more valuable.

Maximises time Does the work in minutes – and has further reach than anyone would do — if they were doing it manually.

And if there has ever been an urgency around an SEO technique — it’s now. Not because any ‘loophole’ is closing. Just the opposite actually. SEO using video is gaining traction in a major way

And this software capitalises on this, and then BOOSTS those results.

It really is a certainty part of the process.

And here is the Urgency for you ONLY now, for launch – This software is available for PENNIES on the DOLLAR of what it is worth — and what it will be priced at when launch is over.

After this launch special is gone – the system is going up to it’s commercial pricing – with ongoing montly fees.



Hydravid Video Marketing Software-Who should buy it?

Hydravid Video Marketing Software suitable for:

  • Earn money from youtube.com
  • Affiliate makerting
  • Online sales
  • Online business
  • Internet makerting
  • Product Launch
  • Introduce new brand
  • Everyone who make money online….


Hydravid Video Marketing Software-When you should buy it?

Hydravid Video Marketing Software is going to be released at 28 January 2015.You are able to buy anytime you would like.BUT why you should buy this during its pre-launch period? Because It just will be bought with price 27$ within 3 days . Then it will begin increase price $67, $197. If you miss this time, you will likely to pay 3+ times higher than its pre-launch offer.

That reason for this review is not only to supply you what Hydravid Video Marketing Software will do for you but also to assist you save plenty of cash for what you’d undoubtedly buy now or then.

Hydravid Video Marketing Software-Why you should buy it here?

There are thousands of people promoting this product as it is a good one. You will definitely see a lot of review about it too. But, I am doing differently as I will provide you both honest reviews with pros and cons and an exclusive bonus if you buy it here via my link.

Why my bonus it exclusive? All of my bonus products are usable, workable and I am using them now.

You will own MRR for all of these bonus products. That means, you can use it for your own purposes, at the same time, you can also resell them for profits. That is somewhat exclusive too. The bonus package it worth over $2,000.

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Hydravid Video Marketing Software-Conclusion

In conclusion,I need to repeat that Hydravid Video Marketing Software may be a helpful and worth-to-invert product for Social purposes. Further, you can buy it now to avoid wasting your cash. My recommendation is should buy it once it is at lowest price!