Fresh Title & Title Analyzer – Create Proven Titles or Headlines Using 4 Powerful Built-in Tools Automatically

Product Name	: Fresh Title
Vendor		: Dave Guindon
Launch Date	: 02/01/2015
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Facebook has been growing faster than ever. More and more people use it every day to check up on their loved ones and friends. This makes it become a valuable opportunity for marketers to jump into.

However, it is not always easy to dig for information on Facebook, especially when it comes to Facebook fan pages. You either need special skills or special tools to do that for you.

In this Fresh Title & Title Analyzer Review, I am going to show you a brand new tool that makes the task uncovering Facebook fan page much easier. Let’s find out what it is about!

What is Fresh Title?

Fresh Title & Title Analyzer is a brand-new software that Gives you Instant Access to Thousands of Proven Titles & Headlines for any Content You Need. Fresh Title & Title Analyzer was created by Dave Guindon. Fresh Title will automatically create a proven title or headline for any material you want making use of 4 effective built-in devices.

Fresh Title & Title Analyzer Quickly produce over 830 effective & tested titles or headlines. with Fresh Title & Title Analyzer, You will Get instant access to over 350,000 proven headlines and over 70,000 e-mail subject lines for an endless source of content ideas.

Fresh Title comes with 4 modules:

  1. Title Builder. Just enter some characteristics for your title (as your main benefit, claim or goal, expected results, time and how many steps to achieve the goal) and the software cranks out a huge list of possible titles based upon 830 proven headline combinations.
  2. Title Swipe Bank. The software has a built-in database of over 350,000 proven powerful headlines together with 75,000 proven email headlines that you search for new ideas. Just enter your keyword and see what comes up.
  3. News Headlines. Just enter your keyword (phrase) and the software pulls out highly relevant and trending news headlines about your subject by using Google and/or Bing. Great source for new content ideas and/or headlines.
  4. Save “My Titles”. If you find a relevant and useful headline, you can save it in your “favorite tab” for later usage and add personal notes and/or ratings about the headline. But you can also export all your results to a data file or just click on the copy link to paste the headline anywhere you want.

About the Creator – Dave Guindon

Dave Guindon specializes in innovative software design that results in proprietary marketing products for the Internet. He offers software tools you can’t find anywhere else: tools for performing extensive market research and completion of continuous online tasks. Each unique tool is designed to save you time and make you money!

Fresh Title Review – Feature Details

It’s not just an easy searchable huge database of proven headlines, but it can actually build headlines for you. And you can find new trending news headlines from within the software and save the best results for later usage.

You can use Fresh Title for any headline/title you want. Or for getting inspiration and content ideas!

Just think about headlines for emails, sales letters, ads, press releases, forum posts, social media posts, articles, blog posts, webpage titles, flyers, free reports and so much more!

Besides the 4 main modules, this software also includes:

  • 840 proven headline combinations for any type of content in any niche.
  • 75,000+ of the best email swipe headlines ever written.
  • 350,000+ proven powerful headlines to search for.
  • Simple, stable desktop software that runs on PC or Mac. This is not Adobe Air software. You can either use the special PC version or the Mac version.
  • Easy export and extra module to save your headlines.
  • Built-in synonym thesaurus.

What I really like is that you can change your headline (by using synonym thesaurus or just using your own words) before you’ll save your headline inside the “My Titles” section.

Extra Bonus Software: Title Analyzer

For a limited time, you’ll get the Title Analyzer software for free if you buy Fresh Title.

Maybe I like this extra software even more…

With Title Analyzer you can optimize your headlines. Just enter several different headlines (that you found or created with Fresh Title) and analyze which headline has the best success change.

Title Analyzer

Title Analyzer is really smart software that uses 4 powerful data points:

  • Power Words. It has been proven that headlines with so-called power words convert better.
  • Power Score. This score takes into account how powerful your text copy is.
  • Length Score. The shorter and more explicit your headline the better. Around 55 Characters (or 7 words) is the sweet spot.
  • Senti Score. This score takes into account whether you are using emotional words in your headline.

These 4 data points together result in one Overall Score. The higher the better your headline.

Title Analyzer Headline Editor

The software also gives advice how to score better on the 4 data points.

So, by adjusting your title in the headline editor with some quick wins you can turn your average title into a much more powerful title.

Resulting in higher response rates (Click Through Rate, Open Rates etc.)

Really cool software. It even allows you to add your own power words.

And the best part, you can test your headlines upfront…

So basically you do a split test without showing your viewers any headline at all. You just start with the theoretical highest performing headlines!

Why you should buy Fresh Title

With Fresh Title you can easily create proven headline formulas that professional copywriters are using. It’s a great headline builder and has a huge database of swipe headlines but it’s also an awesome idea generator for subjects to write blog posts about for any content you want.

It’s just so much easier to use this software than what I used to do (going through my files in Evernote or my MS Word documents).

So overall, it’s an awesome tool and must buy for every serious marketer or text writer. Especially if you take into account the low…


There are many people using this product because it is a powerful one. Aside from that, getting high traffic everyday is not a problem because the proven titles and headlines created by the software ranks well in Google.

Fresh Title & Title Analyzer can help you with copywriting content. It helps you instantly create powerful headlines, email subject lines, Facebook ads, and many more.

Fresh Title can help you write compelling simple headlines that can increase click and conversions and click up to 200% rates.

Grab Your Copy of Fresh Title and Get the Bonus “Title Analyzer” Absolutely FREE!

Remember, you are arming yourself with the ultimate shortcut to traffic-getting titles & headlines for any type of content you can need!

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