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If you’ve been selling online for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that there are ebbs and flows of e-commerce. Now, I’m not talking about seasonal fluctuations– we all know about those! Just the general day to day highs and lows of running a small business (and yes, it even happens to those of us with thousands of sales).

If you’re anything like me, you probably get a little discouraged when you’ve had a couple of good sales days and then suddenly things just seem to come to a halt for a few days and you are left confused, frustrated, and feeling worthless. Nothing you’ve done has changed, so why do sales sometimes just slow to a halt?!

Like I said, that’s pretty standard for online business–and it’s something that EVERYONE deals with. Occasionally, it’s because Etsy has changed their search algorithm (*insert collective groan here*), but that’s an entirely different topic for another day 😉

But! Just because you might be in the “ebb” phase (meaning: slow sales), you don’t have to resort to twiddling your thumbs to pass the time! You absolutely can (and should!)change things up when things start to slow in your shop– it’s the fastest and most effective way to get your shop back in the groove and making those sales

Why it’s important to add new items.

Etsy loves shops that add new items. Whenever a new listing is created in a shop, Etsy has this “Ooooh, shiny!” mentality and gives your shop and that particular item a boost.

That boost isn’t permanent—but you can extend its effectiveness by adding items that you know there is a market for (ie- you have customers that love buying similar items from your shop), and that convert into sales—you ultimately need to make those consistent sales with that item for it to maintain it’s boosted ranking.

{It’s important to note here that your item won’t necessarily be ranked by the Etsy search bots immediately because it can take a couple of weeks for this to happen [Etsy has stated that it takes around 3-4 weeks for established sellers, 4-6 weeks for newer sellers with very few sales]. In the age of instant gratification, that can be a little frustrating to hear. But I just want you to be aware–you might not see an instant boost from the get go, but you will see a boost once the item gets picked up by the search bots.)

Having more items in your shop also means that you’re increasing your chances of someone stumbling into your store with each and every item. Think about it: If you have 10 baby headbands in your shop, and someone has 100, even if everything else is exactly the same, which shop do you think is going to get more traffic?

The one with 100 headbands. It’s kind of one of those “no-duh” moments.

I recommend having NO LESS THAN 50 items in your Etsy shop at any given time. More than that? Even better. But if you’re looking to create daily sales consistency, 50 items should be the MINIMUM amount.

“But I don’t have time to create new items!”

I hear ya! Never fear— there are more ways than one to add new product to your shop—and they definitely don’t all involve hours of research and development!

Here’s what you get:

5 articles

Titles are:

5 Easy Tricks for Getting Traffic to Your Etsy Shop

3 Ways to Take Photos that Will Make Your Product Pop

7 Tips for Writing Copy that Sells Like Mad

4 Quick Steps to Take After the Sale to Please Your Customer

3 Methods for Packaging Your Product that Will Make an Impression

10 Social Media Graphics

These are created with the crafter in mind. Each comes with a nifty statement that all crafters will appreciate and an image that will appeal to their senses. You can use these to help promote your Etsy course and entice your readers to sign up to take your class.

HTML Sales Page and Images to promote the course

-Includes 8 graphics(PNG and/or JPG)

-Etsy course PLR sales page as a Word doc and Open Office document for editing

-Sales page as an HTML web page to upload to your hosting account

Etsy Marketing Upsell Pack