Digital Divas Group Coaching

Have You Ever Wished that You Could Be Your Own Boss?

If you love to write than I have the answer for you!

Now you can learn how to write for a living, and make the income you desire, all without leaving your home!

Dear Aspiring Digital Entrepreneur, Are you stuck at a dead end job right now that is slowly sucking the life out of you? I hear you! Been there, done that, don’t wanna ever do it again! So, how did I get out of my daily life of barely existing and into the life I now love?

Hang tight!

I’m going to share some secrets with you. Now you too can learn how to walk the path you dream about. Now you can see your name in lights(well, here it is print actually but you get the point).

I have set up a membership group where you can finally put words to paper and grow a steady income every month, and say goodbye to your boss forever! Let me share a little of my own story for a moment, can I? I want you to know where I am coming from and how I can help you too.

I want you to realize that it is possible for you too. I have been online in the writing world since 2006 when I first came across ghostwriting and content mills. Since it was still new, making money through content mills was the way to go for newbies because we didn’t know how to find our own clients, price our projects or set up a website to market our work. I struggled through determined to make it work. This meant dealing with horrible clients who used and abused me, constantly demanding of me more than they paid for.

By 2008 I was BURNT OUT. I couldn’t take it anymore. I quit. I walked away from the Internet in general and just sat down to cry. I went back to working in the grocery store I had been in for so many years before, back to popping painkillers for my back and knee just so I could make it through my days and back to the land of dashed hopes and dreams. But then a friend of mine told me about this forum called WAHM.

It was for work at home moms.

They had listings for jobs. They had Customer Service jobs, Tech support jobs, paid blogging jobs, transcription, and so many others. I devoured the site. I poured over page after page. I decided to dive into blogging and write about what I wanted to write about, which was my experience as a work at home mom. I LOVED it. I found out how to get paid for sponsored posts, get paid for people posting ads on my site, paid for promoting Amazon products I loved, and other cool ways I never thought were possible. I finally had a way to make money writing about what I enjoyed and not having to listen to clients or bosses. I found out how to create an Information product and how I could make money writing and selling these short little 25 page reports teaching people how to do things. I learned new platforms and online services and wrote tutorials on how others could easily work with them as well.

I had found my calling. I LOVED creating information products even more than blogging! So, I moved on. Fast forward through the years… is now 2018 and I have 25 Non Fiction books/tutorials, 14 children’s picture books, 7 children’s story coloring books(and more in the works), 12 courses which I sell as Private Label Rights content(PLR), and a constant flow of ideas for new products every day. I have gone from writing for $5hr hating what I wrote about, to making $50+/hr writing about what lights me up and burns a fire in my belly that won’t be extinguished. Sure I struggled. I had to learn everything myself. I researched. I studied. I scribbled. I ripped up paper after paper. I cried many a tear over the long hours and tiring efforts of doing it all on my own. But I kept going because I knew it would be worth it. I knew I was on the right path. I knew I would see my name in print all over the Internet soon and I knew I alone could make my dreams come true.

So does any of this radiate with you?

Do you feel a deeper calling, down within your soul? Do you know you were meant to do more? Do you long to share your story, teach your lessons, or write something that will in some way impact the lives of those around you? Then this group is for you.

So what will you get out of this group?


  • how to learn keyword research to find the niche you can help most
  • weekly recorded training session on Zoom for the process from A to Z
  • brainstorm sessions for topics to write on, book cover ideas, best ways to market to your niche, how to format your book or information product(books, courses, videos whichever method you choose to go with), whatever you need help with
  • hot seat sessions on the training for more in-depth help on any topic or area you may be struggling with
  • daily feedback and suggestions from all members if you post in the Facebook group
  • weekly challenges and prizes to keep you going and on the right path

We want to help you get started becoming a digital diva. You choose the path you want to take, we help you get on it and take the tools with you to make it all the way through the long and winding trail. By becoming a member of this tribe, you will be able to avoid all of the pitfalls and mistakes I encountered. You will save time choosing the selling platform, the marketing method, and the delivery method for your business. You will just be able to implement and go. With all of the other members of the group, you will learn how to enjoy the process and not feel so alone in your journey. You will make new friends and perfect joint venture partners for launch time. There will be:

  • weekly homework to make sure you are understanding what we cover
  • monthly challenges to add some fun and friendly competition to the group
  • weekly mindset videos to help you stay strong and motivated on your journey
  • contests to give you a chance to win some side money
  • giveaways for extra goodies you may find useful in your journey
  • monthly experts who will come in and share with us on our training sessions

So what are you waiting for?