Product Name	: ConversioBot
Vendor		: Simon Wood
Launch Date	: 02/26/2019
Price		: $47.00
Sales Page	: Click Here
Refund		: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We all know being a blog, website owner there has to be struggles you need to overcome regarding with leads and sales. No need to worry about that anymore because there is a tools that helps you to create customers and traffic spreads instantly

What is ConversioBot?

ConverioBot is the box-making software on the website. You can install these boxes on your website to create potential customers and spread traffic.

It also adds you a pop-up box that contains great features for you to create higher sales revenue. I will mention the features in the next section. Now let’s find out about the person behind this product. Who is he?

About the Creator – Imran S

He is a marketer, a consultant and a great technician. His products have never received negative feedback from customers. He is also the one who produced a previously succesful product ConversioTripleX.

In addition, when you have any problems during the website operation, you can call him directly to get help. He also gave me lots of advice to get a successful website like now.

ConversioBot Review – Feature Details

Let’s learn about the features and benefits of this powerful software

  • Features A.I

This feature is my favourite inside this product. With this smart antenna, your website will look like a lead magnet. It will attract customers and traffic to your site.

  • Easily add Optin box to the sales page

You can use the Optin box to create a list of leads with email addresses. And use AI bot to connect with customers.

  • Create ChatBox

You can use them to send messages automatically when customers visit your website. This will help you to prevent hours of talking to customers.

  • Easy customization

You can easily customize this software to do whatever you want for your blog. This process does not require you any skills. You just need to click and finish.

  • Includes commercial license

You can get a commercial license in the software. It will help you make a profit from many different streams

  • Works compatible on all platforms

This product will help you find spreading traffic to pull potential customers to your website or blog across all of the largest social platforms.

  • There is a 24/7 team of consultants

Staff will always support you when you have problems at work.

How Does It Work? Review by glennreview

Note1: Before explaining some main ConversionBot features, I’m going to provide you an overview about this tool.

Please take a look to my screenshot below:


Here is main ConversionBot dashboard:


ConversionBot has a great thing is that it comes with tons of good templates that allows you to deploy with 1 click.

If necessary, you simply customize it through couple of steps.

ConversionBot has templates under different categories like Affiliate, Discount, Feedback, Lead Generation, Social Shares.


For each template, you can hit “Preview” button to check it before using it as below:


I’m going to select one random template to use it for my website as below:


-Step 1: You can hit each module inside your flow chat to customize it.

For example, I’m going to hit “Intro”:


-Step 2: Customize your design chat box as background, message bubble, bot message, user message, text, and bot design.


-Step 3: Set up some elements like bot settings, widget settings, sound settings, email notification settings, autoresponder settings, goal settings, analytics settings,etc.


-Step 4: Publish your chatbot, you have some options like Full page bot, bot widget, embedded bot, wordpress plugin as below:


This product is designed with a new user-friendly interface. You will easily use it even if you don’t have any skills at all. All you need is to select and click to make a profit.

In addition, there will be a video that will guide you step by step. It will help you to thoroughly utilize the great features within it. If you are having trouble using it, you will receive support from a counsellor.

It works with 3 simple steps below:

  • Step 1: Open the software and select the chatbox template
  • Step 2: Create a chatbox code
  • Step 3: Copy and paste the code into your website

Who Should Use It?

If you want to make a profit from your website, this product is really a great weapon for you. You will no longer have to worry about creating customers or accessing traffic anymore. It will make your work easier than ever.

I strongly mention this product if you are:

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Owner of online stores
  • Video marketer
  • Social housing market
  • Owner of e-commerce sites
  • And more

Product Funnels

ConversioBot Extreme (“Next-Generation” Bots)($67.00) – SEE DETAILS

ConversioBot Done-For-You Pro (75 “AI” Chatbots) ($97.00) – SEE DETAILS

ConversioBot Agency License (With Done-For-You Website) ($87.00) – SEE DETAILS


I think this is good software if you are seeking an affordable chatbot software. It has a lot of templates for your customization.

You don’t have technical skills, you don’t need to configure too many steps.

In order to meet the needs of customers, he also provides a number of channels for you to choose. These upgrades all bring professional features. If you want to move faster, go to their sales page to learn more about them.

In addition, this product also has a 100% return policy. You can rest assured when using it because it has no risk at all.