3 Simple Steps of work to convert any simple image
into profit pulling machine

Watch how we turned simple images into sales & conversion machine

  • Visually entice visitors to take action
  • Compelling and easy to implement hotspot in any image on your favourite platform
  • Remove the extra step and sell right through the image
  • Nothing to install or host, All done in the cloud
  • No Restrictions, Create unlimited campaigns without any technical experience
  • No Previous Experience needed

Simple to Setup, Even Simpler to Use

Still struggling with old school marketing techniques

Hotspot Images are the hottest thing in town.. Don’t believe me?

Discover. Engage. Profit

Discovery and visual driven sales

Let your visitors shop what they see. Sell multiple items from a single image

Use anywhere

Use any campaign to drive traffic and sales on your blog, ecommerce site, and partner sites. Integrate with your favourite platform

Mobile Friendly

Shoppable images are laser-focused on converting mobile visitors while maintaining the look and feel of the platform.

Simple to use

Don’t code anything, don’t hire a designer. Just point and click interface to curate compelling profitable images in less than a minute. Just kick back and watch the clicks roll in.

Totally Customizable

Add hotspot that suits your campaign, Edit the images with best and easiest designing tools inbuilt

No Experience required

Whether you are an experienced marketer or just starting, this untapped market is ready for you

Fastest Selling System Ever…

Marketing Giants have already figured it out and they have been using this innovative visual engagement system for effortless sales and leads.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on content creation and ads. You just need to convert your existing traffic better to generate higher Profits.




Most People Are Doing It wrong

People already know the importance of visual content. But what are they doing wrong?
You have won half of the battle already by stopping them from scrolling.

But what’s the point of that if visitors are not converting?
They are losing a lot of money on the table. But the solution is simple
Hammering Right Message at the Right Time to Right People 

If you visitors can take action right from the image that kept them engaged without taking any extra step.

Imagine How Much More Sales You Can Get With System Like This Without Any Extra Effort

330% more engagement and sales
that we have witnessed in our campaigns

7 Reasons why you MUST start using
hotspot images for your next campaign

3X More Engaging Than Tradition Marketing

People have been posting images online for decades and they have curated a tendency to ignore them.

Visual and animated content grab attention within a 10th of second that is impossible to ignore.

New Point of Sale

Every average Joe is using CTA buttons for his blog, site or ecommerce store which forces the visitor to take an extra step.

Remove that extra step and start getting profits right inside the images and you can promote several campaigns from a single image simultaneously

5X more leads and sales

It’s hard to get action on regular campaign because people have developed an immunity towards those optin boxes and buy buttons.

With hotspot images you can show the details in a storytelling style and take an unfair advantage by getting more sales and leads

Show your offer without redirecting in 1 click

Don’t lose your traffic by redirecting to other page. With hotspot images you can simply show your offer, product details in a very interactive & compelling storytelling manner.



More actions from a single image

Don’t limit yourself by just getting clickthroughs. With hotspot images you can add click to call, click to mail in super interactive way.
Plus you can customize your hotspot icons and boxes that match your branding.


Best Design for Most Profit

Don’t pay hefty amount to your designer. Don’t outsource the work to those freelancers that can cost an arm and a leg.

Best and simplest designing tools integrated inside. So you can create attention grabbing bespoke designs by yourself without any technical hassle.

Integrate with your favourite platform

You can use these hotspot images with your favourite platform without any difficulty

You can add these images to your blog, any page builder and even shopify with complete control.


Yes! Finally You Can Stand Out By Having
This Visual Prowess Above Your Competition


Clickkosh Lets You Dominate
In A Few Clicks

90 Sec Video Challenge

See full demo here

ClickKosh’s magic in just few clicks

Profiting From Visitors Like Never Before

Visual Campaign Creator

Advanced and super easy to use point and drop technology makes it complete user friendly. All you need to do is upload any image, choose icon from vast library with animated or simple presets.

Unlimited Hotspot campaigns

No more limits based on the size of your business and amount of campaigns you need to run.
With ClickKosh you are free to create unlimited magic links for unlimited images.

Adobe Image Editor –Inbuilt

No need to spend hundreds of dollars on outsourcing or hiring a designer. We have included “Adobe Image Editor” without any extra charge.
Create from scratch or edit an existing image with complete freedom and state of the tools

Multiple Click-to-Action Hotspots

Don’t limit your campaigns to just show and redirect. We have included multiple click actions.
Inside your ClickKosh dashboard, you can simply add click to call, click to email campaigns

600+ Hotspot Animated Icons

Instantly create professional and highly engaging visual campaigns from a huge library of 600+ animated icons
Just click and select style that matches your brand and theme and you are ready to go

Facebook Tab Integration

We are not leaving any stone unturned. All you need to do is create a campaign inside the clickkosh dashboard and you can embed that visual hotspot images right inside Facebook tab
Convert your social media following into new profit machine

Seamless Integration

Possibilities with ClickKosh are endless that’s why we have made sure that it works with your favourite platform.
Use it with any page builder, ecommerce platform, blog or any CMS ClickKosh works great everywhere

Branding Customization

We are not adding those annoying watermarks for logos in the images curated using ClickKosh
You have all the freedom to customize your campaigns according to your theme and brand style

YouZign and DesignoPro2 Integrated

We have integrated the best of graphic designing tools right inside Clickkosh
Makes it super easy to design and excel your campaigns

Clickable Banners

Get over the old school banners that hardly gets any click or traffic. Transform them into visual storytelling style hotspot banners.
Create standard size banners to monetize your site on the next level

Stock Image Integrated

Don’t worry or pay for stock images for your hotspot campaigns. We have integrated pixabay inside the dashboard so you can quickly select and use
Find the image or mockup that suits your niche, brand, market or campaign and you are all set to go

ClickKosh Extreme Exclusive Features

Unlimited Domains

Instantly increase the number of domains you can add to your ClickKosh Account when you grab this Extreme Upgrade. Rest assured your campaigns are secured on the cloud and host multiple campaigns for all your Image Hotspot Monetization needs.
Truly a must have for smart Business Owners and Marketers to waiver off all Limitations on ClickKosh account.

Unlimited Brochures

Brochures are an amazing way to sell, but unfortunately when we send them to our clients – they are only able to see the offerings but not purchase it because it’s not Interactive. Until now Marketers did not have a way to add Call to Actions on top of Brochures.
With ClickKosh extreme, you will be able to waiver off any limits (currently 100 brochures) from your Pro Account.
Truly a must have for smart Business Owners and Marketers.

Unlimited Catalogues

Catalogues are an amazing way to sell and one more Point of Sale that every business irrespective of their Niche should have. And with ClickKosh Interactive Catalogues, we have taken this to another level altogether.
With ClickKosh extreme, you will be able to waiver off any limits (currently 100 brochures) from your Pro Account.
Truly a must have for smart Business Owners and Marketers.

Unlimited Ezines

Magazines are everywhere from an Email to a Flight. Everyone is reading them, but imagine if you could have a way to make all the Products in the Magazine clickable. This could add so much Profit to the Bottom line of every Business.
With ClickKosh Extreme, you will be able to do this for Unlimited Clients and charge them monthly, annually or a One time price for Maintaining their amazing E-Magazine Sales channel.

Special Animations

With ClickKosh Extreme, every Call to Action you provide will be animated. Yes, animations with Pattern Interrupt Methodology drive more people to take action.
And this is the Reason we added to this your Every ClickKosh Campaign. Take this Opportunity and watch your Profits soar with your next campaign beating the competiitons by High Margins.

Sound Effects

The Pattern Interrupt Methodology is taken to whole together another level using Sound Effects. Imagine your Image playing a Sound when ever someone clicks on the hotspot on your ClickKosh campaign.
It’s doing wonders for out Beta users and will add more power to every ClickKosh Campaign you make.
Truly a must have for smart Business Owners and Marketers.

Create An Unmatched
Shoppable Image Experience

Clickkosh have been producing amazing results for beta users irrespective of your niche, market, brand or business size.
Clickkosh harnesses the power of visual content and storytelling method that makes it impossible to ignore and skyrocket your profits however you want to use it… Possibilities are endless.

Ecommerce Store Owners

Showcase multiple products at once. Let your visitors have a visual and more indepth view to shop exactly what they want. And not to mention it makes cross-selling super easy for you just like amazon


Social Media Marketers

Create and embed hotspot images right inside the facebook tab is easy. This is the cutting edge tool to encash your social media following


Website Owners

Get over those boring call to action and marketing techniques. Show your call to action in fresh and unique way. Whether it’s about lead generation or selling your ebook or anything


Affiliate Marketer

Showcase the affiliate products in entirely new method and you can promote multiple products at once. Inspire your visitors to take action in highly engaging method



Captivate the attention of your visitors to encourage them to click and take action on your on the products you want to promote or banners, offers, even lead gen pages


Local Businesses

Encourage your visitors to have a in-depth view of your products online and to take action right from there


Don’t take our words… Big brands are already
leveraging the power of hotspot images

Immersive, Informative, Interactive

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Let’s Recap what are you getting today

  • Visually entice visitors to take action
  • Compelling and easy to implement hotspot in any image on your favourite platform
  • Remove the extra step and sell right through the image
  • Nothing to install or host, All done in the cloud
  • No Restrictions, Create unlimited campaigns without any technical experience
  • No Previous Experience needed



Try ClickKosh risk free for 30 days now and we know you’ll love the results it will give you.

Start engaging your visitors. Not low converting, profit repelling boring campaigns

Just smart, clever and visual content driven sales system

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