Become an Etsy Rock Star Seller PLR Course – The Answer To Solve All of Your Clients Etsy Shop Setup Concerns

Product Name	: Become an Etsy Rock Star Seller PLR Course
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Launch Date	: 04/16/2018
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Introducing “Become an Etsy Rock Star Seller” PLR(Private Label Rights) 4 Week Course.

I know you have the skills and the tools to get your clients up and running with their own businesses but the daily work is a never-ending grind it seems, doesn’t it?

So, when are you supposed to find the time to map out and write the how-to guides and lesson plans for your students when you can barely remember your name some days?

That is where our Done for You Content comes in handy. Created by teachers who have spent the time working out the kinks and finding out what works, these lesson plans are the perfect “cheat sheets” for you to use to teach your class or coach your clients.

This Done for You Content is designed to be used by yourself, and then modified and added to, by you, as you go. You can then teach and sell your new product to your students as needed. This information has been based on the experiences of my partner Judith and I, who are Etsy shop owners, and now want to share our secrets with you.
Why? Well, just like your students, we too were once beginners who felt lost and close to giving up. We didn’t have a partner to show us the way. Instead, we spent hours upon hours, searching out answers and recommendations from other successful sellers and painfully putting all the pieces together to make it all work in our shops. It wasn’t a picnic! It was long and tedious and a lot of testing and tweaking but finally the traffic and sales began to flow in.
The following is what is included in each week’s plan for your students.
Each topic of discussion has been covered by questions from  students in our offline classes.

Module One:

  • How to create a Winning Listing in your Etsy dashboard

  • Learn how to include a strong “100% Guarantee Statement” with your product so your customer will feel secure when ordering
  • Learn how to set up a hassle free Return Policy to strengthen customer relations

  • Learn how to emphasize the features with benefits for your products to fully capture the interest of your visitors so they will have no questions about the value your product provides

  • 8 top tips that will have you on your way to getting recognized and sought after, regardless of whether you have never sold online before.

Module Two:

  • Swipe or copy 4 core page templates you will need to provide your customers with a better way to get to know you more
  • Learn how to share your story and draw your customers in to your world so they are open to purchasing from you and spreading the word about your products
  • Learn the importance of choosing the right emotional trigger to encourage more people to buy
  • Learn what works for upping your game and making your customers appreciate your product and services
  • Learn how to craft a Thank You page that can be used to sell more related products or affiliate opportunities which in turn will give you additional  streams of income without hardly any extra effort from you

Module Three:

  •  Learn how to write the perfect About Me page that will allow your customers to feel a connection with you instantly
  • Learn how to re-size images and use text for sprucing up your images to make them more appealing
  • Learn how to create the perfect angled shots to highlight your photos even if you are not a photographer
  • Learn what keyword research is and how you can use it to rank on Etsy and get your product found at the top of the search results
  • Where to find “can’t do without” resources and sites that will help you take your sales and store to the next level

Module Four:

  • Find out what 6 free marketing methods you should be using to start driving your customers into your shop
  • Learn how to find and join Etsy groups, participate in fun cross promotions, and gain more likes and followers
  • Learn how to be pro-active and market your shop like a pro, even if the thought of selling makes you want to run and hide
  • Learn how to get your mind right straight out of the gate so that you can plan and implement a winning strategy you can grow as you go

Course Materials Included:

Module One
Printout tutorial for your students(3514 words) PDF format, Word Document and Open Office format files
5 screenshots(both in PSD and JPG formats)
1 setup and tasks confirmation checklist
Module Two
Printout tutorial for your students(2512 words) PDF format, Word Document and Open Office document files
6 screenshots(both in PSD and JPG formats)
1 tasks confirmation checklist
Module Three
Printout tutorial for your students (924 words) PDF format, Word Document and Open Office document files
there are no screenshots for this module
1 tasks confirmation checklist
Module Four
Printout tutorial for your students(721 words) multiple formats
no screenshots
1 tasks confirmation checklist

You will also receive the following images in both JPG and PNG formats


So if you are a teacher who is trying to find the time to create courses and help your students when there is just not enough hours in your day, stop pulling your hair out and adding wrinkles to your forehead! Simply click on the link below to add this PLR pack to your arsenal today and book your next classroom tomorrow!

Come on! Try our course out today! 

Become an Etsy Rock Star Seller PLR Course