AzonAuthority Review by workonlinefromhome – The Quickest, Easiest and Most Powerful Way to Create REAL Income Streams from Amazon on Autopilot

Product Name : AzonAuthority
Vendor : Sean Donahoe
Launch Date : 04/02/2015
Price : $97.00
Sales Page : Click Here
Refund : 30 Days Guarantee

Azon Authority, the latest product from Internet marketing guru Sean Donahoe, says it’s the easiest and quickest way to create real income streams from Amazon on autopilot.  Amazon is certainly reputable, and it is possible to make money as an Amazon affiliate.  Is Azon Authority the real deal?  Is Azon Authority a scam?  Read on for our full Azon Authority review.

azon authority reviewAmazon is one of the world’s largest retailers, and they have a pretty good affiliate program.  They pay 4% commission, but by selling just a few items per month, you can increase that commission to 8%, and Amazon has some very expensive items for sale on their site, which can make that 8% pretty lucrative.  The problem is finding a way to promote their products.  Building a store is a lot of trouble, and a review blog won’t even scratch the surface of the millions of products Amazon has for sale.  That’s where Azon Authority comes in.  This product is a plugin for WordPress that makes it easy to build a fully functional retail store that pulls product data and pricing directly from Amazon itself.

Azon Authority Overview

Unlike most product sales pages, which talk about wealth, riches and fast cars, the Azon Authority sales page largely talks about the product itself.  Azon Authority uses a WordPress plugin to allow you to build a custom store in just about any niche.  The sites are SEO optimized, and can translate information into 92 languages and even includes an Amazon search engine.  Azon Authority works with any WordPress theme, making it easy to set up and integrate into your existing Website or to power a new one.

The basic product sells for $67 for a single site, but there’s a version that allows you to build unlimited sites for $197.  Of course, there are going to be upsells, and when you agree to buy Azon Authority, you’ll be offered the Power Builder upgrade for $97, which allows you to clone and deploy fully-finished sites in minutes.  If that’s not enough, you’ll also be offered the Azon Authority Ultimate Bundle, which includes additional training modules, along with some extra WordPress plugins designed to help you draw traffic to your site, build mailing lists, and keep your site updated so the search engines will love it.  The Azon Authority Ultimate Bundle will cost you an additional $197, which means you could be spending close to $500 before you’re even done checking out.

So, the real question is, does Azon Authority work?  Is it worth the money?  The Azon Authority site certainly looks professional and the product appears to be loaded with features, which makes this product seem like a no brainer.  Of course, there are always problems with these sorts of products, and nothing is perfect, so let’s look at some of the issues associated with this product:

Lack of content – A few years ago, Google loved sites that had nothing on them but Amazon or eBay products.  If you kept your pages constantly refreshing, the listings for the products alone were enough to keep the search engines interested and it was possible to build Amazon or eBay stores that quickly moved to the top of the search engine rankings and stayed there.  That changed in 2012, and it changed in a very bad way – Google now dislikes these kinds of sites so much that they’re likely not to include them in their index at all unless you are prepared to create a lot of text content to go along with your product listings.  Sites that consist only of products and descriptions are regarded by the major search engines as being spammy.

Traffic – Getting traffic to any Website is 90% of the work you’ll ever do to make money online.  Getting traffic to sites that aren’t indexed by the search engines is even harder, no matter how professional the sites look.  If you’re going to build the attractive, but content-free sites that Azon Authority creates for you, you’d best be prepared to buy pay per click traffic, because search engine optimization isn’t going to help you at all.

azon authority - sean donahoeBugs and support – The creator of Azon Authority is Sean Donahoe, and he’s always the biggest problem with his own products.  More often than not, they simply don’t work well, aren’t thoroughly tested before release, or they’re buggy and he doesn’t get around to fixing the bugs, or he simply moves on to the next product.  One of the products in the Azon Authority Ultimate Bundle is a product called IMSC Ping Fresh, which is supposed to “revitalize” your site’s content and bring the search engines back.  I bought that product when it was first released and promptly asked for a refund because it simply doesn’t work.  It simply does not do what Sean says it does.  Sadly, that’s been true for a number of his products over the years.  They’re professional looking and feature-rich, but they often don’t work properly and they don’t ever seem to get fixed.  Making matters worse is that Sean’s tech support team seems to take a long time to get around to responding to any problems.

That also seems to apply to Azon Authority; here’s a quote from a member of the Warrior Forum who bought it recently: “I tried the product it didn’t work properly and I asked for a refund same day I bought it.”

Azon Authority Summary

There’s a lot of money to be made as an Amazon affiliate, and Azon Authority does offer the opportunity to take advantage of that in a way that doesn’t require a lot of effort, so that’s a good thing.  On the downside is the possibility of problems in ranking your Azon Authority sites in the search engines, as well as potential problems with tech support as Sean Donahoe moves on to whatever product he’s dreaming up next.  In my experience, instant, plug-and-play moneymaking tools just don’t work well for any length of time.  A better way to make money in affiliate marketing is to build proper Websites yourself with meaningful content that’s helpful to your visitors.  For that, you need proper training, such as the affiliate marketing training you’ll get at Wealthy Affiliate, rather than Azon Authority.

With Wealthy Affiliate , you’ll learn the basics of making money online with more training videos and a very helpful user forum.  It’s not an instant solution like Azon Authority, but then again, it’s a lot more likely to work and it’s a lot less expensive.